Jovanna Casey M.S.W.

A stand-up comedian- really?
Yes, Jovanna has performed on stage -weaving together improvisational comedy, her family situations and psychology.  She gets you to laugh at your own relationship dances, dive in with new approaches and turn your relationship frustration into a fresh new beginnings.

Get a “New Jump Spot”.
As a therapist, coach and educator, Jovanna brings you innovative techniques and new concepts to help you build the type of relationships you really want.  You come away with a different approach, a fresh idea…a whole new way to deal with difficult situations…a New Jump Spot!

Dynamic, playful and inspirational, Jovanna’s presentations always create transformation, lively interactions and lots of fun.

Jovanna presents for numerous organizations including:

  • Boeing Aerospace Management Association
  • Bastyr Naturopathic College
  • The Boundaries Method Programs
  • Headstart Program
  • Academy for Coach Training
  • AHNA-American Holistic Nurses Association
  • INDEPTH—The Institute for Developmental Education and Psychotherapy
  • New Seattle Massage School
  • ITAA-International Transactional Analysis Association
  • AMTA-American Massage Therapy Association Conference

Background Trainings:

Jovanna holds a MSW, Masters of Social Work, from the University of Washington. She is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in the State of Washington and has had a private therapy practice for over 20 years. Her entertaining and innovative trainings on boundaries and relationships have changed many lives. She also enjoys mentoring and coaching business entrepreneurs, therapists and coaches.

Jovanna has held positions on degree committees at Antioch University and LIOS, Leadership Institute of Seattle, as well as being degree preceptor for the Holistic Nursing Certification Program. She is past President of INDEPTH, the Institute for Developmental Education and Psychotherapy. And helped develop social skills groups for Children’s Hospital Outpatient Psychology Department. She has been a favorite guest on KIRO and Contact Talk Radio for her innovative approach to better relationships, personal transformation, trauma clearing and how to have a happier life.

Her eclectic background blends together many different traditions and approaches including psychological, neurological, spiritual, emotional, the arts, and, of course, a good dose of humor. A few highlights include:

  • Brain Spotting – David Grand & Lisa Schwarz
  • Codependency & Addictions – Claudia Black
  • Multicultural Philosophies and Traditions
  • EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – Francine Shapiro
  • Improv Comedy and Performance – Keith Johnstone, Theatre Sports, et al
  • Shamanic Healing Techniques – Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner, Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, Sobonfu Some et al
  • Developmental Psychotherapy -Corrective Parenting, Jean Islley Clark
  • Transactional Analysis – Elaine Childs Gowell, Van Joines, et al
  • Brain Gym & Educational Kinesiology – Rose Harrow, et al
  • Shock, Trauma, Pre-perinatal -William Emerson, Pam Levin et al
  • SRT- Spiritual Response Therapy – Robert Detzler
  • EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

A personal note from Jovanna to you:
I know you are interested in making big changes in your life. I want you to know- it can happen. And it can happen fast.

So why not today? It’s time to dive in. You’ll find it’s easier than you think. And, a lot more fun! Let’s get busy finding your old patterns and coming up with some new approaches. Not only will your relationships change, you will change as well. And you will be glad you did. Take the tools you’ll find here and start using them today. You’ll find it’s easier to change your life than you ever imagined. Relationships, business, family and friends all will be different once you see what has been happening and learn a new approach.

Here, start with this chapter from a book I am writing. This chapter, The Dance of Drama, is about one of the most common and frustrating relationship dynamics. After you read it, you will find it harder to take the bait. Instead, you will approach relationships in a new way. Check it out.

JovannaCassieOrangeSweaterHere’s what drives me crazy:
I used to think, as do many healers and therapists, that “the answers live within”. But they don’t. They don’t live within, or anywhere nearby. I think they must live on another planet. After years of doing my own personal healing work, with therapists who were helping me look within to find “insights”, I realized that change was faster and easier if someone would just s-p-e-l-l out what was going on and tell me what to do to instead.

So that is what I do. I spell out very specific patterns in your life and why they keep repeating. Not only that, I use fun, innovative techniques to help “rewire” you so you stop creating the same old thing and start doing something new. You get a New Jump Spot.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter, Jovanna’s Jump, today, so you get the horrible stories, the latest tools and the best solutions. I look forward to working with you on your way to better relationships.

Cheers,  Jovanna