The Hyper-Receptive Boundary Problem Style

One of the six boundary problem styles is Hyper-Receptive. When you use Hyper-Receptive you are on overdrive trying to pick up on everyone else’s feelings and needs. Your driving force is to keep everyone happy. There is an anxious undertone to your actions as you hover about providing things for others before they even ask for it. Many people won’t notice of how over-aware you are of them. Others feel oddly uncomfortable you as you try to do things for them.

This is different than someone using The Invisible Boundary Problem Style. Someone using Invisible knows what she wants it ignores her own needs and builds resentment. With Hyper-Receptive, there is no room for you to even stop and think about your own needs. Every part of you is focused on other’s feelings and needs. You feel like there’s a bomb that could go off at any moment if you don’t constantly monitor the situation. Once you are finally alone, you might finally relax a bit but, by then, you are exhausted.

It will be good for you to read the book chapter “The Dance Of Drama” and read the rescuer description. Also, be sure to read the complete chapter on the six boundary problem styles. It is time to get very clear about what you have been doing.

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