The Invisible Boundary Problem Style

One of the six boundary problem styles is called Invisible. You go along with other’s opinions and desires, ignoring your own inner voice that says “I don’t really like this” or “I want something else”. Maybe you’re trying to be nice, maybe you want people to like you or maybe you’re afraid of conflict. Whatever the reason, you act like your opinions and needs don’t exist.

You end up feeling resentful or powerless. And at some point, you get fed up or depressed. Maybe you explode with a litany of all the ways you have done things for others and how you have “been misused”. Or maybe you just silently pull away from your friends or mate. You might even go find someone who will lend a sympathetic ear, and listen to all the ways others have harmed you. Of course, you and I both know you helped create the situation by not speaking up in a way that would be heard. But, if you are dedicated to using “The Invisible Boundary Problem Style” and, you will perceive yourself as a victim of those around you. If this is you, read the book chapter on this website called “The Dance Of Drama”. Isn’t it time to stop this doing this dance?

After you have read that chapter, be sure to read “The Six Biggest Mistakes”. This will give you the inside scoop on the six boundary problem styles. You will be so happy you did.

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